The Rich Tapestry of Cardiff City Ladies: A Journey from 1975 to Today

Cardiff, Wales — Cardiff City Ladies, originally founded in 1975 as Llanedeyrn L.F.C., has been a cornerstone in the evolution of women’s football in Wales and far beyond its borders. Over nearly five decades, the club has navigated a transformative journey. In 1981, it rebranded to Cardiff L.F.C. Since then, it has forged invaluable partnerships with various organisations, including Inter Cardiff F.C., Cardiff County Council, and Cardiff City’s men’s professional team. Today, Cardiff City Ladies holds the unique distinction of being the only stand-alone team permitted to compete in The FA Women’s National League. Last season, the club gained promotion and made the nation proud by reaching the last 16 of the FA Cup.

 A New Chapter, Written Together

As we usher in September 2023, Cardiff City Ladies is elated to announce a collaborative new chapter. We welcome new ownership and strategic investment from Dragons23, a consortium led by Damien Singh and Julian Jenkins. This is more than an investment; it’s a partnership committed to realising the club’s long-term vision of achieving a spot in the Women’s Super League and fostering more talent for the Women’s national team.


Michele Adams MBE on the New Partnership

Michele Adams, MBE, expressed her delight at this new partnership.

“We have looked at incorporating an investor for some time now but wanted someone who shared our vision for our Club, its future and the Women’s game in Wales. From day one, upon meeting Julian and Damien, we knew we had found the right people and are happy that they intend to continue with our vision for our Club both on and off the pitch. This opportunity is massive not only for football in the city and Wales but also for women’s sport in our country and look forward to exciting times ahead.”

Damien Singh of Dragons23 Shares His Vision

“Living in Australia, I’ve been blessed to witness first-hand the transformative power of women’s football. The recent Women’s World Cup was not just a tournament; it was a catalyst for dreams and aspirations for young girls globally. As a father of two daughters, the joy of watching them visualise themselves on that world stage is indescribable. Our goal in acquiring Cardiff City Ladies is to broaden that horizon for girls everywhere.

I’ve always been captivated by the fervour and passion for football that resonates deeply within the Welsh community. This local spirit is an invaluable asset we are eager to honour and elevate as we look forward.

While Business and finance is my professional domain, sport is the passion that fuels me. It’s been a dream to blend the best of both worlds, applying sound financial practices to a field that ignites such excitement. Canva, one of the world’s largest private software companies, stands as a testament to what can be achieved when ambitious growth coexists with fiscal responsibility.

Before we envision the future, it’s crucial to acknowledge the incredible work of Karen and Michelle. Their tireless dedication has set the foundation we are privileged to build upon. Their efforts have gotten Cardiff City Ladies to where it is today, and it is on their shoulders that we aim to take the club to new heights.

As we turn the page to the next chapter for Cardiff City Ladies, I see boundless opportunities to apply sustainable, long-lasting growth strategies in the world of football. This is an exciting era for the women’s game, rife with potential. It’s not about growth at any cost; it’s about meaningful, enduring progress. I am elated to contribute to this extraordinary journey and to help shape the future of the sport we all love so deeply.”


Karen Jones MBE to Share Insights

Karen Jones, MBE,

“We have been given a wonderful opportunity for our club.  We are all very proud of our rich history and the people who have walked down our club’s path.  We are so very excited to see what the next chapter holds for us, but now we have found likewise people whose values, hard work and aspirations are exactly the same as ours.”

Julian Jenkins Dragons23:

“It’s a genuine privilege to join the Cardiff City Ladies family, a team already distinguished by the incredible efforts of Michelle and Karen, both of whom have been honoured with MBEs for their contributions to women’s football in Wales. Their dedication has set an inspiring stage, allowing this club to compete with the best.

While I bring years of expertise in football, I’m equally excited about the financial acumen that Damien Singh, the CFO of Canva, brings to our collaboration. Together, we aim to complement the amazing talents already present within the club. We’re adding human resources and bolstering our financial strength to take this club to new heights.

Looking ahead, our ambitions are clear and exhilarating: to integrate the only Welsh Club into the English system and achieve new milestones along the way. What truly excites me is the potential to inspire and empower young women across Wales, giving them a platform to shine in the highest echelons of the sport.

As we turn the page to this next chapter, I’m filled with both anticipation and a deep sense of commitment. The journey ahead promises to be both challenging and rewarding, but it’s a path we’re eager to walk, fortified by both our past achievements and future aspirations. The hard work continues, but now we’re doing it together, stronger than ever.”


In Closing, Tenacity, Passion, and Triumph

Cardiff City Ladies embodies more than just skill on the pitch; it represents the tenacity to overcome challenges, the passion to pursue excellence, and the triumph of realising dreams long held. As we embark on this new chapter, we carry these core values with us, aiming to inspire a new generation of talent and supporters alike. This isn’t just a new dawn; it’s a reaffirmation of what has always made us great.


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