Cardiff City LFC Announce new Match day Advertising Partner for 2023 -2024 season

Boss Security our new Match day Advertising partner for 2023-2024

Introducing Boss security as one of our match day advertising partners, Cardiff City LFC have been delighted to announce this partnership


The sponsorship of the football club by the company Boss Security has been effectively growing since starting out as a player sponsor in the season 2022-2023.


It is a great pleasure for Boss security to be associated with the number one women’s football club in the country. We are very proud to support Welsh women’s support and especially a football club based in Wales. We hope to see this football club grow over the next few seasons, and we look forward to coming back to see the games in the future. – Anthony Malfatti Director Boss Security


In our capacity as a football club, we are delighted to have Boss Security  on board. They represent themselves in and around Wales and the south west as do we, and they represent themselves as a fast-growing company in the city and beyond.



Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future