Having had some time to reflect on last season now that all the dust has settled, how would you rate it?
An unbelievable season all round. I think the way we started the season showed how important our pre season was.
I think we fell asleep towards the mid point but managed to wake up just in time for the final sprint and what a finish it was!
The girls bought into the new culture and high standards we set & of course we upset a few people along the way but it wouldn’t be football without that. I had to make sure the team and the club experienced being league champions and thats a moment that will live on forever.

In terms of recruiting and retaining players for the upcoming season, how are things going?
Well this year ive actually taken some time away and had a couple of weeks off, i think its important after such an emotional season to re charge properly before going again.
Right now we have a lot of interest, as expected after the season we’ve had. So im trying to be more selective of who we invite in to the pre season camp to ensure we continue the journey in the right way.

What is the status of the incoming players?

The status is on going, and i expect that will be my answer all the way until we start announcing signings.

Are there any exciting pre-season games coming up?Yes. Some unreal fixtures for us this year, although it will be very tough this season, going unbeaten as we did last year is unrealistic this year. I think preparing us for the season ahead is more important and why we have selected the games we have.

Would you be able to tell me when you will start back?

We will be back on the pitch towards the end of June with most of the squad and new invitations attending. We still have a few away including international camps so they will rejoin slightly later.