We caught up with Steve and Rhiannon at Remember2Care ahead of our charity match dedicated to their cause. Read what they had to say below.


  1. Explain a bit about who you are, and who Remember 2 Care are?

Stephen – I am a mindset coach and emotional support therapist. I’m passionate about people being the best they can be regardless of their circumstances. For 17 years I worked my socks off to support my family, and then it all fell apart. I tried various forms of therapy and learned a lot about myself. People saw how I had turned my life around and wanted me to help them too, so I began to study in earnest and eventually left engineering to practise as a fully qualified therapist. I also joined a band, Sounds Familiar, with whom I still play sax to this day.

My passion grew to help others to be the best they can.

Rhiannon – I am a Rhondda girl born and bred to working class parents that tried to give me all possibilities and experiences. I found myself in a competitive and extremely active childhood being a Club Swimmer, Lifeguard and a participant and love for all sports. Physical wellbeing & nutrition was something that came natural to me. As a mother and wanting to make sure that my children were water confident from birth, I trained as a Swimming Instructor teaching Babies and Children in local pools within RCT. This is part time as a passion alongside my full time 18-year career in Local Housing that brings its challenges.

R2C – Remember2Care was founded in August 2019 by Stephen Truelove to raise awareness of the availability of services, that can facilitate the creation of new structures and practices to increase personal well-being, moving individuals forward in a positive way. The CIC company was officially launched in September 2019 where we held a family fun day at Margam Park. Our team of associates came together in this idyllic setting to inform and promote the benefits of numerous wellbeing practices.

While the global pandemic restricted us moving forward in the way we had planned, it gave us the opportunity to re-evaluate what is possible and emphasised further the need for this work.

We deliver comprehensive programmes to vulnerable individuals and groups utilising the expertise of our well-being professionals.


  1. What does it mean to you to be linking up with the football club like Cardiff City LFC

Linking up with Cardiff City LFC is an amazing opportunity for us and them. It will help us to become more visible in the work we do through our experienced associates and an opportunity for these women to experience therapies, tools and techniques that will enhance their lives in all areas.


  1. Can you talk about an example where Remember 2 Care’s work is making a big, positive difference
    Project 0-26

We have recently completed a project working with a school wraparound service helping to resolve mental and emotional wellbeing issues with young staff enabling them to bring better services to the children they care for. We are now pursuing further funding to expand our successful project through communities and regions of Wales.


  1. How can our supporters help Remember 2 Care

By raising awareness and mission of R2C to allow us to grow further post pandemic. Financially it will help us invest further into R2C and give back to our communities as a CIC this is at the forefront of our vision and mission. It will also allow supporters and their families to reach out for support in their own circumstances by accessing our service.


  1. How can Remember 2 Care help our supporters

R2C will enable your supporters to reach out for support in their own circumstances by accessing our service through a team of well-being professionals to help inform communities, groups and individuals of services and resources to facilitate positive change and growth and to help empower them to be the best they can be.


  1. Winter is fast approaching, and many people find their mental health dips during this time. Is there any advice you can give to people who struggle during the darker, colder months

Our suggestions would be to find the best way that suits the individual. There are many ways that individuals can take steps to assist:

CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – this simply involves taking a negative thought or assumption and consciously changing how you view a situation – in this case, winter.

Diet/Nutrition – rich in vitamins and nutrients that will help your brain to function well and protect your ability to cope with daily life especially during the winter.

Maintain vitamin D – Vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping our bones, teeth and muscles healthy, but studies show that vitamin D also helps to regulate mood which is often lower in dark and cold days/nights during winter.

Exercise – Don’t let the cold hold you back – Go outside and get as much fresh air and daylight as possible. Do an exercise that you enjoy releasing the endorphins and cortisol levels – the feel-good factor!


Connect & Check in with family, friends, colleagues or the community – This could be talking, meeting up, going to a community group/event, befriending service.

Use meditations: there are plenty to guide you on YouTube and other platforms for free.