“Football sometimes comes down to who wants it more.” – Gauvain sends strong message to the league ahead of clash with London Bees

Cardiff City Ladies host London Bees on Sunday looking to build on their 2 – 1 win away to Plymouth before the Christmas break. The Dragons are yet to win consecutive games in the league this season but center half Thierry-Jo Gauvain is “full of confidence” that will change this weekend. 

It was nice to have a little break, like a reset, but now we’re all back and ready to go and I think we’re all quite excited to start the second half of the league. She said. 

Gauvain and her team beat Plymouth Argyle in an intense affair before the turn of the new year. That, as well as the new stadium and appointment of new head coach Fern Burrage-Male marks the beginning of a new era for Cardiff City Ladies.  

Going into that game we knew that that was a game we had to win. Said Gauvain. 

Fern, she told us exactly what she wanted from us and then going into the game we were all focused and confident. 

When we did walk away with the three points it felt good to finish the year on a high. It gave us a little bit of confidence when looking forward to this year that we can go and compete and slowly start climbing away from the relegation zone.” She said. 

Chloe Lloyd was extremely confident going into the Plymouth game beforehand and spoke about a new mentality the squad had. TJ believes that same mentality will see them through the contest on Sunday. 

It’s exactly the same as how we went into the Plymouth game. She said. 

We’ve been keeping fit over the Christmas break. We’re all really excited to go out and showcase ourselves again in front of a home crowd this time. 

That always gives us an uplift when we’ve got our home crowd around us. 

We know it’s not gonna be an easy game, London Bees are fighting for survival in this league. We know we have to go out there, do our gameplan and if we execute it well, I’m sure we’re gonna walk away happy and with three points.” She said. 

Before the Plymouth game relegation was a serious concern for the Dragons, but if they pick up a second win in a row this Sunday, they can stop looking behind and start looking forward.  

It’s in the back of our minds, obviously because of where we are in the table. We’re confident in ourselves and confident that we can get results so it’s not a major issue for us. Gauvain said. 

It is something we’re weary of, slightly.” She

A win against London Bees is something that we need. 

Winning that game is gonna fill us with confidence going into the next few months.” She said.  

The Dragons’ only clean sheet this season came against London Bees, when they won 4 – 0 in North London in October. But it was also their heaviest scoring game. ‘TJ’ thinks that scoring goals and keeping clean sheets are equally as important. 

We want goals, they win us games. But obviously we want a good defensive performance.”

Going into this game we want to score goals but on the flip side, the clean sheet is a must. They don’t score, they don’t win the game.

I think they both weigh up the same. She said.

Gauvain wants the performance against Plymouth to stay with her team for the rest of the season, starting with this game against the Bees.

The confidence we gave ourselves to be able to ride out 90 minutes and fight for one another. That needs to stay embedded in us.

Football sometimes comes down to who wants it more.

We can pride ourselves on them performances where we fight for absolutely everything.

I feel confident that we can fight to the very end to get points out of this game.” She said.